3D / 4D Printing

While the more industry is still discovering new applications, and new 3D printers, another technology just came to the light. 


It is 4D printing which just sneaked from the future!


What is the value of the additional D to the 3D?  3D Printing is about repeating a 2D structure, layer by layer in a print pathway, until a 3D structure is created.


4D printing is the process through which a 3D printed object transforms itself into another structure over the effect of external energy input as temperature, light or other environmental stimuli.

4D Printing is referred to as 3D printing transforming over time. Thus, a fourth D is about adding time. So, the big breakthrough about 4D printing over 3D Printing technology is its ability to change shape over time.

In 3D/4D conference and Exhibition in Healthcare, it’s the time for your craving to drive you through the new dimensions in medical field.